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[personal profile] brenna: ...celeste i have the dumbest trivia request
[personal profile] alessandriana: ok
[personal profile] brenna: picture a guy singing a blues song
[personal profile] brenna: one line at a time with the little harmonica bits in between
[personal profile] alessandriana: k
[personal profile] alessandriana: k
[personal profile] brenna: i want to make an type thing with that harmonica sound
[personal profile] brenna: but i can't find a good example of it - just general harmonica lessons
[personal profile] alessandriana: yeah
[personal profile] alessandriana: --and?
[personal profile] brenna: does it perhaps have a name that would make these searches easier?
[personal profile] brenna: or do you know of one of those on youtube or something that i could clip it from?
[personal profile] alessandriana: ummm
[personal profile] alessandriana: not off the top of my head
[personal profile] brenna: dang
[personal profile] alessandriana: let me do some searching


[personal profile] alessandriana: this isn't what you mean by the harmonica bit, right?
[personal profile] alessandriana:
[personal profile] brenna: not quite, but who cares
[personal profile] alessandriana: lol
[personal profile] brenna: *enjoys* :3
[personal profile] alessandriana: are you talking about the one where they just play one-- not one note, but not changing pitch or anything?
[personal profile] brenna: well they do change pitch, but um
[personal profile] brenna: ooof >_>;
[personal profile] alessandriana: lol
[personal profile] alessandriana: yeah
[personal profile] alessandriana: difficult to describe
[personal profile] brenna: YOU KNOW, THAT THING
[personal profile] alessandriana: lol
[personal profile] brenna: "AND I [DID SOMETHIN ELSE]"
[personal profile] alessandriana: hmm
[personal profile] alessandriana: well, this prolly isn't it, but:
[personal profile] alessandriana:
[personal profile] brenna: ...that is a a piano
[personal profile] alessandriana: lol, skip forward a bit
[personal profile] brenna: oh

Strangely, Mercury did not attempt to join me on the computer even once during this exercise. Hmm.
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Ocarina of Time! It is too still relevant, hush. /oldperson

I forgot what Saria's outfit looks like in much detail, but I know that this is pretty close and also cute! I loooooooove curvy people in relaxed poses. C:

I got more into this picture than the underlying drawing warrants (HELLO WOMANLEGS) but who cares! LOOK AT THEM, THEY ARE Z-TARGETING.


Speaking of Nintendo, 3DS 3DS 3DS please be in my life now

Also, Mercury. We have reached the sink phase. Thank you and goodnight.
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Messaged by a random (Florida-dwelling) OKCupid user out of the blue:

can I ask you for advice? :D )
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- I do believe his name shall be Mercury, unless I think of something better!


- ^ He helped me type this post :)

- Adorable quirks so far: only drinking water from a running faucet, and not understanding the concept of sleeping without petting him

- He is crazy affectionate and extremely well behaved: understanding of my various Cow Tools and that they are Not His, very gentle with his claws, scratches only things meant for scratching. I could go on. I am such a typical kitty mommy all of a sudden you guys!
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The last two posts in a row I was GOING to make would have been semi-epic minicomics so obviously I never finished them because I also couldn't bring myself to do them as text instead.

As to the last one, at least, LOOK EVERYBODY I'M ON THE INTERNETS

LOOK LOOK I'm the one on the right, because I was at this party and it was greeeeeeeat. :D Amazingly, for the first time ever, I MADE FRIENDS AND HAD FUN at an event that was mostly about free drinks and where I knew no one! Gooooooo me


TODAY, I cleaned up the apartment finally, and when I went outside to throw out the trash I found a I had a doormat! It was not there when I went to bed last night. In fact, I have never seen it anywhere before. So I guess someone was getting rid of theirs in a non-wasteful way, or someone sneaky thought I looked like I could use one, or something. I don't know.

Also, today I might get my very first cat! Maybe! I know they're supposed to be independent, but are they "amuse themselves indoors while I work full time" independent? WE SHALL MAY SEE.
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I wish I could convince my apartment people to just give me a new door. This morning the locks were so stuck that if I hadn't had a useless mini side-patio to escape through I would honestly have been trapped indoors. Really glad no one saw me hopping my own fence on my way to and from work today.

Lately whenever I feel like I need some cheering up, I watch this video and imagine the lady is talking to me instead. Adorable and unambiguously affirming voice! Just because! It gives me a happiness and emotional safety boost, and I thought I would share.

Does anyone know why, 10 months into The Greate Dreamwidth Projecte,* the tags for major things like cuts and username-links still have "lj" in them? Is that not going away anytime soon? Is there an alternate way I'm supposed to be doing these? Did I miss a memo?

...Oh! I went to Taco Cabana the other day (for the first time!), and as I was sitting there I noticed that on top of the music they had playing, there was a man's voice just... talking (pretty quietly, so it took me a while to notice it). The two didn't seem to go together musically, but I assumed it must be there to add texture or something-- but then it just kept going. In the breaks between songs I could could tell he was speaking English, and at one point I was able to make out an explanation of the principles of Buddhism. I was going to ask the nice chatty register lady about it when I left, but she was gone by then.

* Has it really been almost a year? WAAAGH
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My goodness me, I have been lazy about making this post. I had a photo of a receipt I got with an item abbreviated as "LOL BUTTER," but it's not really worth posting, so I won't after all. Just a few things, then, rather than try to remember all the stuff I've wanted to post about since last time:

1. Someone dropped a link to Babbitt on Google Books a couple of weeks ago, and I got really absorbed in reading it (until I left it to go do something else and forgot to pick it back up again ever). I identified with it much more strongly than I expected to, which is kind of embarrassing since it's the story of a shallow middle-aged man with no self-awareness who's kind of a mundanely terrible person. Especially the way it describes mental and emotional states being entirely dependent on on whatever is going on at the time with apparently no relation to any larger overall self, or even to anything from five minutes ago. I feel exactly like that a fair amount of the time - like my mind has gone from pet to stray. I'm starting to wonder how much of my sense-of-purposefulness boost over the holidays was actual progress, and how much was just me enjoying the fact that I was on break for a while, because it's kind of leaving me again now that I'm back at work.


2. Microsoft Courier Microsoft Courier Microsoft Courier! I will own this thing, and not the iPad because it sucks, and it will belong to me and we will be best friends, and I will call it Nicole, because it will be my magical foldy minicomputer that goes everywhere with me and does everything.

3. Thinking of changing my journal font to this; y/n? Still just a little bit too lazy to figure out exactly how to do that, though.

4. I've just finished a batch of sugar cookies with delicious icing and toppings and stuff, and I may have to make another one. They're just the pre-made cookies that come in a tube, but at least I make the icing myself! I have a bunch of different flavors of extract in my pantry now (almond, mint, orange, lemon, raspberry, strawberry...), and candy sprinkles and colored-sugar sprinkles and chocolate chips and coconut shavings and pecans, and I discovered it's much easier to not eat them all at once if you fancy them up one at a time as you eat them, and not all in advance. And orange icing and coconut shavings taste really good together.

5. A couple of recent YouTube favorites for you:
Feather Starfish Swimming <- SO PRETTY; I may yet get over my fear of marine life before I die
The Royal Nightmare <- If you see only one ingenious and creepy short animation that has won awards at at least 10 film festivals worldwide this year, make it this one.
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- I went to the park today, where the river was mostly frozen, and out of the whole herd or flock or whatever of ducks-- like eight dozen or more-- there was exactly one duck who instead of swimming in the unfrozen areas along the banks, wouldn't stop walking around on the ice, pausing every couple of steps and looking, to my anthropomorphizing eyes, very confused. It was adorable, and I wasn't the only one taking pictures.

- Still keeping my apartment all nice and tidy after New Years cleanup, go me.

- I bought a hat! It goes with my coat and keeps my head warm! I love my hat. It is bright teal with a big bow on it and if I can get someone to take a full-body picture of me in all my new little ensemble I will show you my hat.

- So the other night I was all set to go to a gallery opening at the invitation of a friend, for which I had had several weeks of advance notice, and for which I wanted to finally get an actual website together for myself, so that when I met all the cool art-gallery-going people there I could be like, pssh, of course I have a website.

Of course I failed to accomplish this (though to my sort-of credit it was merely because I underestimated how long it would take to finish and not because I blew it off altogether). So I was sad, in my actually-not-very-sad way, and admitted to myself 2.5 hours before the opening that it was going to be a night of "uh hi well I doodle in notebooks sometimes? :D" after all, and gave up and texted my friend to see if she was going to arrive early or what so we could meet up. Soon she called, all high-pitched and practically singing her apologies ("I AM SOOOOOO SORRY~"), that I must not be on her email list, because she had sent out word that the gallery had called the thing off due to the weather (??-- all I can figure is they let the pipes freeze and burst, because our weather is not remotely dangerous) and didn't know when it would be rescheduled.

I was delighted with my MAGICAL REPRIEVE GET!, and I hope I communicated to her, without going into details, that I was not at all upset by this news. So now I have an undetermined amount of time to finish, and of course I'm all "bleh this is boring :(" and haven't done much with it since.

See, I don't have a scanner so I'm photographing all my stuff, and no matter how good my light is the paper comes out gray instead of white and when I lighten it I lose some of my actual lines and it gets all terrible and life should be easier than this. Recommend me good Photoshop techniques/plugins plz.

- Goin' to eat foods~
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FIRST, out of chronological order: [personal profile] renshai! Aaaaaaaa! I checked my mailbox the other night!

Your doodly little copper flower thing went on my keyring immediately. And I never decorate my keyrings.

Thank you vurry much I loff you c'mere. *hug*

My Christmas 2009 was a Christmas that will be passed down in legends. I spent it with the immediate family and no one else, and it lasted three days. I ate delicious foods and relaxed and was happy.

longcut is loooooooooong )
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...and in return, they let me take pictures of them!

In my laundry room I have two little spiders that live in the corner, and lately they have three little egg sacs hung up on the wall! I took photos. I had to hold a mini-flashlight on them in one hand so I could take the shutter speed way down, because I could not hold that camera steady for love or money.

Little hatchlings, I guess! This was before I remembered about the white balance.

A different spider with no apparent parental responsibilities



These, out of 45 shots. ALWAYS TAKE A MILLION PHOTOS, KIDS
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Today, Archibald Edmund Binns wonders: Is it a grand gesture to anonymously give a woman I think is beautiful a banjo? A long thread results.

Interneeeeetttt, come here so I can give you many hugs.
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I was at WalMart just now getting some emergency butter when I saw one of the most stereotypical little old ladies you can think of pushing a basket full of groceries around-- five feet tall, probably never stops leaning slightly forward, spherical gray hair with giant artificial curls, a stride about one foot long, the whole thing. She was wearing one of those baseball-style t-shirts, faded, slightly stained and obviously well loved, with bold letters on the front saying WWLD?-- with a smaller caption below. Now, I enjoy irreverence in unexpected places, so I kept looking as we went past each other to see what the L stood for. May I fall down dead if that woman's shirt didn't say What Would Leeroy Do? I whipped around to read the back of it once she passed me, and saw there all the appropriate slogans and quotations. Some cartoon lightning bolts for decoration. You know.

Friends, I almost let her get away. I thought about it. I suddenly felt bad because I realized it isn't cool to act like everything associated with old women is inherently funny. Maybe she was hip. I kept watching her, and soon decided there was no way that was true. I turned around, caught up with her and asked her, "Ma'am?... Where did you get your shirt from?"

It took a few tries ("Your shirt"), but when she got it, her slow and twangy answer surpassed all my hopes:

"Oh! ... I got from my son, he gave it to me-- he used to ride the skateboards, you know? And that's what I guess it is, some skateboarding thing.* He was going through his old stuff and he was gonna throw it out and I said, No, give it to me, I'll wear it! So-... But I don't know where he got it...** He lives in San Anton'... so I guess that's where."

* "Uh-huh."
**She seemed honestly somewhat disappointed that she couldn't be of more help getting me one.
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So I'd like to be able to say I went on a great quest of self discovery or an awesome long vacation or something, but really I just fell off the Internet for awhile. During that time, some things happened:

n) My brother donated his Katamari games to me after admitting to himself that he will never buy another PS2 to play them on. And I fell in love with this song. It made me wonder what kind of backstage dealings, if any, are involved in getting your song placed in REALLY HARD LEVELS and benefiting from the increased exposure of a stage people have to play LIKE FIFTY TIMES to pass.

But the music is good!

Now I'm finally trying out Okami (I KNOW, I NEVER PLAYED OKAMI), and... what? What was this hype for? This game is Zelda in every respect, except that the decisions about where its difficulties should lie are wrong instead of right. Thanks, but I think I'll just play Zelda. Yes, it is very pretty, but my failure to love almost anything else about it made me finally notice I'm so familiar with running-around-games in general that I hardly see them as visuals anymore (a very helpful mode that I still can't get into with rhythm games)-- and even then, some people manage to do the 2d drawing effect without putting all the decorative field objects in camera-synchronous orbit. I may return it and get 3 of my 15 dollars back.

c) I am participating in MetaFilter's Mix CD Swap this year! I probably need to commit to a track list pretty dang soon, but the second half flows together so much better than the first half, and there's only one song with any words in it and I don't know if it's too jarring when you're halfway through the CD and someone suddenly starts singing, and these are the things that bother me :< ....So the booklet and packaging aren't finished either because of this, and yeah I have many woes, I guess.

c.2) Speaking of MetaFilter, I also attended the tenth anniversary party! I had a fun time despite my handicap of being completely unknown because I am a relentless lurker, and there was surprise belly dancing, and themed cake, and afterwards bardom* which I bailed on after about 20 minutes because that is how I roll, and the promise of a pool party which has not yet materialized and I need to stop failing at keeping in touch with the people I met!

The next totally awesome thing I will be attending is Dr. Sketchy's burlesque life drawing EXTRAVAGANZA, where I suspect I will end up being all "mm, fascinating, yezz, *drawdrawdrawmissthepoint*"-- but maybe not! And, hey, either way.

f) My old Mac died on Monday (the 3rd). I got it in 2003 to go to college with... I never named it. There just wasn't a name there, that I could find. But I loved it, until I kind of started to hate it, but I still loved it, just differently, like a difficult grandmother. I choked it with chat logs from IRC-- I know I should stop thinking of them as my boys since I haven't spoken to them in years, but I just can't-- and roleplays where I was a well-adjusted average human with no powers or anything-- I don't roleplay anymore, but if I did I can't imagine ever doing it any other way-- and ill-gotten cool things, as I learned how, and photos I took, exactly one of which I still think is impressive, and interesting free software to assist in hobbies I never developed. I'd sort of been willing it to go on and get out of my life for a while, with its no DVD burner and USB 1.0 (!) and less than 1GB of memory and no working left Shift key and only 15GB of empty hard drive space. But I'm not sure I'd even know how to process it if it turned out to be unrecoverable. I've made great progress this last year or so in letting things go and not fetishizing my personal history, but this I want to keep. My ever-cluttered desktop, the why-didn't-I-think-of-this-sooner Things To Put Somewhere folder, torrents in plain sight and stupidly highlighted in bright green-- even the Date Added metadata in iTunes, telling me when I started liking what. I must continue to have it.

r) Ugh, Calabash! Do something

*Hello?-- OH that's right I turned off spell checker on my laptop Firefox.
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I apologize to everyone who has received a PM from [personal profile] tori out of the blue recently. She is upset with me right now. I do not know exactly what was in these messages, but I can guess. If you care to know what is going on, ask me. If you don't, enjoy your day.


Jul. 4th, 2009 01:51 pm
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I just went downstairs and discovered that apparently, I left my front door standing open all night??...

Nothing seems to have happened! Not even crawly animals. I guess it got so un-air-conditioned in here it wasn't all that appealing. But yeah, that is really unlike me, and... uh.
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I got a lifetime supply* of popcorn and some money for being 24! Hooray!

EDIT GOES HERE: Aaaaa I can't believe I forgot! I got a Bronwen Weber cake by surprise, because my mommy loves me. <3 It doesn't have, like, lifelike flowers or astronauts or whatever on it, but geeeeeez is it tasty.

And before and after birthday dinner, I rewatched some Earth: Final Conflict with the family! It was one of the few shows we would make a point of watching when it was actually on TV. It seemed a little stupid now overall (which I expected, since I was twelve at the time), but to my surprise, Lili and Augur held up beautifully. Also the CGI didn't look half bad even now, so I can only assume it was amazing in 1997. I feel like I should remember being impressed by it, but I don't think I really noticed as a kid-- maybe I still expected to be perfectly fooled by everything and didn't really think about judging it one way or the other? But no, I've always loved behind-the-scenes stuff on special effects and whatnot, ever since that one featurette on the Wizard of Oz where you learn that that something like half the main actors nearly died from them, so I guess I have no innocence after all and I don't know why I seem not to have dedicated any brainpower solely to drooling over the glowy purple alien technology. I did love the ships and the buildings and things, but as objects, not as effects. -- So anyway, there was that, and even the less-impressive parts still provided hours of Mystery Science Theater fun ("So is Boone the protagonist here? I'm not sure"), and we all had some great nostalgia time.

...Lili and Augur. Man. I remember discovering the in-character website they'd set up for Augur. I showed my mom. And then at some point they started selling merchandise in the Sto'or. Great stuff. And yes, Lili was kind of a glorified chauffeur of the obnoxious LOL WATCH OUT THIS GIRL WILL KICK YOUR ASS** variety, but at least they surrounded her with characters who already respected her instead of wasting everyone's time making her prove herself to people.

...Hm. Now that I think about it, E:FC is the only thing I can think of right now that I've been into without imagining some elaborate self-insert version on the side. I guess the Complicated Intrigue and Danger:Cool Magic and Toys ratio was unfavorable.

Unrelated but I just thought of them for some reason:
Lightning!!! and
Coming in Like El Niño!, two real essays by Jeremy Lavine.

* Seriously though, several months' worth

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BLARGH BLARGHITY BLARGH I need a real picture to draw :|

This beautiful little bug is now rooming with me! I assume that's okay. I don't actually know what it is. It's the size of a popcorn kernel. It'll watch over me while I sleep and protect me, right?
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Did I have a journal here at some point? I don't remember.

...Actually, my life has just been boring for a while. I kinda ran out of places to wander around in unauthorizedly that I thought would go easy on me if I were caught. I was at an art museum the other night with Noah and we found the staff lounge or whatever empty and unlocked near closing time, buuuuuut there was a security camera right there, so we decided to live to fight another day. :(

However! Today I was running around in the city being lost, on foot, in upwards of 90-degree heat,* and took a break from my failful attempts at getting somewhere to poke around a creek I ran across. There were some small, weaksauce chain link fences at points where you could have driven into the surrounding field area at one time, and decorative landscapey brick walls between the upper field level and the lower creek level, and big sidewalks all around one bank and under road bridges... but it had obviously been awhile since anyone seriously thought of it as an actual public park, and it was all overgrown, with the occasional bit of graffiti** and hobo laundry. (One pile had this edition of The Wizard of Venus in it.) There were lots of bug noises, and bird noises, but not so much car noises since the streets were weren't major ones and were mostly blocked by a thin treeline anyway, and no other people around. It was very, very Ico, walking around in the sun with everything all abandoned and whatnot, having trouble finding a way to get from one area to another, and I had a great time with it EXCEPT FOR HOW IT WAS TOO HOT TO SUPPORT LIFE.

And then I found the front of an iPod!

I plugged it in when I got home, but nothing happened.

Another thing that has happened lately is that I picked up the soundtrack to Zaia! It is unrelentingly feminine, which was kind of a disappointment, but it is full of prettiness. Check the sample clip for Ignis at the link, if you do nothing else; I'm convinced Maria Andersson is an actual fairy princess. And perhaps some rogue pirate scum will do something evil like upload the entire album!... Let me know if you agree that that would be terrible. We upholders of justice are badly outnumbered and need to stick together.

Finally, unrelated short things, not to be missed:
1. You still don't want to be in Iran.
2. Fire-hatted street musicians on wheels.

* Would you believe that's the #1 Google hit for 'fahrenheit to celsius'? I mean, I have a great big soft spot in my heart for vintage web design, but some things you just don't expect. God knows how long the other links on the page have been dead.

** And not even good graffiti, since we no longer have the examples we used to of how it's done. I used to have all kinds of contempt for the elements of society that saw graffiti as a problem, because I just assumed that's how it was everywhere-- all huge, full-color murals that people actually put time and effort into. Then I went to LA one year for the Rose Parade. I will never forget riding away from the airport and seeing the huge concrete walls along the highway, covered in endless repetitions of a single tag in black spray paint-- paradoxically both obsessive and one-sixteenth-assed. Every obnoxiously straight-laced lecture I'd ever heard about public nuisances and hoodlum kids suddenly made sense. It was like the city had roaches.
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I'm not normally the international-news type, but yesterday I was poking around the Big Picture blog and looked through this post on the Iranian presidential election. It was full of lovely pictures of people with ribbons and flags and signs and things (you should really go look). There were only six comments at the time, with a note that the election results would come out the next day, so I had to check this morning to see how it turned out.

It turned out that Ahmadinejad was declared the winner via many levels of insultingly obvious, over-the-top fraud. The results came in too fast for the tens of millions of paper ballots to have been counted at all, bypassed the mandatory waiting period for checking the figures before the officially-official announcement, and were not consistent with any prior polls or demographics or statistics or logic of any kind. The government came prepared for the massive crying of shenanigans by cutting off all text messaging service before the results were even announced (with phone lines and most of the internet soon to follow), house-arresting the main challengers immediately afterward for no reason, and meeting the protesters with police violence.

Apparently, hopes had been much higher for this election than normal. Whereas once the streets might have been merely loud, this time they are shut down and on fire. Literal shouting from the rooftops, as encouraged by the last round of Twitter messages before it was blocked altogether, continued well past midnight local time. People who know these things say the last public outcry of this magnitude was during Iran's actual revolution.

Overall liveblogs/roundups:
The Lede (NYT)

Andrew Sullivan collects, filters, and comments

Tehran Bureau - tons of articles

Individual items of note:
Look at this graph. No, ignore it. No, look at it. No, don't. And so on.




I have only ever spent one hour of my life seriously thinking my government was all a giant lie that I would never get to participate in in any honest, meaningful way. It was a more awful feeling than I would have believed I could have about politics, and one of the most memorably terrible hours of my life. But then I learned some more information I had been missing, and it was over. I can't imagine what today has been like for the people of Iran, and I'm scared for them.


Jun. 1st, 2009 10:39 pm
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Quality spam:

FROM: "Shapino Q. Rolando"
SUBJECT: "You asshole, answer"


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